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Let’s be happy, period.

Happiness is something we all chase, but only a few manage to decode the formula to realize and maintain it. Nothing is ‘rocket science’ except rocket science. So if you really want to be sorted in your head and feel the Joy within, try this:

  1. Be very clear and specific about what you want from life: Whether you believe it or not, there is a strong bond and continuity between you and the universe. You are a small fragment of what makes the universe. Therefore, whatever you want and desire for yourself is what the universe delivers to you. This might sound a bit out of place since you see ‘the form of your being’ different from the form of the universe. But this is true and the only eternal truth. Everything is made of energy, your body, your being (and soul), everything around you and the universe. Hence, the foremost thing to ensure if you wish to stay happy is – to be absolutely clear and specific about what you want from life. Do this and see the magic – get rid of every bit of duality in your thoughts. Invest time in yourself and get mindful of your wants. Don’t keep conflicting desires in your mind. Once clear, focus all your energies on that ONE unified want and that shall be delivered to you

  2. Stop chasing Gold medals in your life: We spend most of our life looking for validations from everyone around us (and the worst being, most of those people are the ones we aren’t fond of much). It’s OK to be an average runner in life but it isn’t OK to be a sick one. Never forget, the most important thing in life is health-mental, emotional and physical. And to stay healthy, we must exercise and cut the unhealthy intake. Every time we engage in any form of art or get close to nature and animals or interact with people around us without any motives (driving our desires), we exercise our emotions and mental being. Doing this often gets us closer to our own self and elevates a sense of joy which tremendously reduces our need for validation from the outside world. True and never-ending joy resides inside.

  3. Be brutally honest: You might lose that Job while being honest at the Interview desk but that will surely save you from the agony and struggles of a task that isn’t aligned to your interest and skills. Most often we take a very near view of a situation believing happiness lies in there and to reach to that, we project and say what may not be true. Short term goal achieved BUT destination lost, definitely. Joy lies in the comfort and ease of being able to walk through the process and not in the result. Results get us rewards that we consume in time while the ‘journey to the result’ gives us the experiences. It’s always the experience that we remember and rejoice. Therefore, to ensure that the experiences are pleasant, always be brutally honest. This would keep you away from pitfalls and traps that may entice you now but trouble greatly, later. Being honest would certainly get you what you’ve been looking for.

  4. ‘NOW’ is all that you have. Live in the Present moment: Past is gone, the future is an illusion and all that we have and own is ‘this very moment’. We spend most of our lives dwelling on either what we had in the past or what we wish and hope to see in the coming future. In both cases, we are trading off something that we have now (the present) with something that we don’t. This could be the worst trade or gamble, as I may say. It’s good to reflect on the past and gather learnings and it’s great to be mindful of the future and accordingly act today but it’s really foolish to loan all the money I have today (in anticipation of interest accruals tomorrow) and then pick credit to live today. Stop investing your ‘present’ in what’s gone and the unseen. Rather, invest a good chunk of it on what you have in abundance and will always have in abundance- ‘this present moment’

  5. Your situation is a reflection of your intent. Think right: You can’t outsmart or cheat the universe, period. If your situation isn’t happy, your intention was definitely flawed. Just like the laws of physics, laws of the universe never bend. It is, what it is and what it will be. Always be watchful of your thoughts, words and actions. They emit energy out to the universe that just like a mirror reflects it back to you in due course of time. What you give is what you receive, simple. We can never be happy by cultivating wrong intent. It may meet my short-term goal of deriving pleasure from outside but will eventually turn to sorrow. Stop chasing pleasure and start cultivating Joy. Joy comes from within, arising out of our happy intent. Joy is our natural state of being and when we realize our true state of being and not disrupt the balance, all that we emit and receive is never ending Joy.

Peace to all.

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