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My addiction to drama in life

When I have, all good and sorted, I feel a lack, I see the fear of loosing and I want to reach somewhere. When I do not have, I still feel the lack, I see the fear of not getting it and I still want to reach somewhere… Am I all-right? Is all OK with me? Is this how everyone is programmed? Why do I never feel sorted and free from fear, no matter what my situation is? 

It’s not about ‘what I have‘ and ‘what I don’t‘. It’s all about How I participate in that moment of ‘having’ or ‘not having’. Pause for a minute and think about times when we achieved what we always wanted. Are those moments really very different from those when we were chasing? Cut the initial euphoria of winning, it all comes to ground zero and we are again ‘chasing’ another thing or situation in life. This is our addiction to Drama.

Our true and pure nature is to stay still and calm in the is-ness of this moment but we are always taught to chase something. As soon as we are old enough to emote and respond to the world, we are taught to speak, not because it is the means to communicate, but to chase the event of singing our first nursery rhyme. Then as we grow older, we are taught to learn and study, not to enrich our thinking but to chase grades. Out of school, we pursue higher education- again, to chase a better paycheck. Then we chase Love (well, not exactly), we chase Family, we chase Kids, we chase Wealth and so on and forth. And then, life ends. No matter how much we accumulate and realize in life, we keep chasing. The entire life invested, the yield- an unfulfilled end. I call this a real BAD DEAL. 

Ever wondered why we keep chasing? We do so because we are taught the need for drama in life right from the moment we enter the world. The need for drama to keep the exciting, emotional & unexpected events or circumstances coming because this is believed to be the only way to live, grow and evolve in Life. Right from our childhood, we are taught, driven and directed by fear, drama & greed to get a good life. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. It’s great to be wealthy, happy in a family and live a life of abundance but nothing of all this is ever achieved by fear, greed or drama. This isn’t the way to live. The one and the only way to evolve and grow in life is by cutting all that drama from life and experiencing life, as it is. 

Let’s unlearn the above and get mindful of the futility of this directionless & pointless pursuit to life. If this way was right, there would be no conflicts. I must immediately cut the drama and fear from everything that I now do. It’s about time I realize the value of the most worthy wealth we all have- this life. This present moment right NOW is most precious. I must invest my ‘now’ in deepening my sense of freedom, fearlessness and completeness. 

Study to enrich your knowledge, travel to grow your experiences, do your Job to derive happiness (incidentally, earn your livelihood), enjoy relationships that help you grow and overcome your shortcomings and live to LIVE. Do not do any of it that builds or feeds the drama, fear or greed in life. These are worthless means. They take no time robbing us of our sane state of mind and invariably leading us to more and greater drama and fears. Every action that comes out as a result of this addiction to drama leads to a deeper, defeated and more vulnerable self. It’s about time I wake-up and overcome this addiction to drama in life.

Peace to all 🙂   

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