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My most fulfilling relationship…

Relationships“, that one aspect of everyone’s life- make a few feel fulfilled, make a lot many feel unsettled and make a very few feel grown and matured. This one aspect called ‘relationships’ that everyone chases and chooses so wisely and carefully can become the very reason for a person’s growth, stagnation or decline. It therefore becomes essential for all of us to think and reflect upon the quality and the state of our relationships. It’s akin to the quality and type of food we eat or air we breathe. And by “the quality” here, we are referring to elementary nature. What may be good for you may not be the best for me… and what’s harmful for you, could be my prescription. The point here, it’s imperative to stop for a while, think and be aware, if your relationships make you feel anything but sorted.

Let’s first begin with the history of every relationship, that we are in. This may get you think deeper, but its TRUE- Every relationship is pre-ordained. Your parents, spouse, siblings, friends, colleagues and even your enemies. Every person that comes into your life ‘had to’ and anyone who exits ‘has to’ .. there is nothing, absolutely nothing that you can do about. ‘BALANCE’ is the word and it drives every entry and exit in our life. And this balance is a derivate of our past KARMAs. Every relationship today is a carry forward of ‘a balance’ from our past life. If the balance is positive, the quality of our relationship is joyful. And if the balance is negative, the relationship is challenging.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the chemistry of all our relationships. All our relationships are meant to give us either joys or lessons. Ever wondered why some have wonderful relationships with their parents while some struggle? Those who have fulfilling and joyful relationships with their parents carry positive balances from their past lives and are ordained to be a happy family together. Those who struggle, must clear the debits.

You might be wondering about the mathematics of KARMAs now. Everything that we do, every action we make with a desire or expectation leads to a new Credit or Debit. All that we do which does good to others “with an expectation of good coming back to us” gets us credits and positive balances with those people. And all we do that bring misery to others create our negative balances with them. We must close all these balances to conclude our engagement with such souls, we have dealt in past. Those with credit balances with us from the past are our happy relationships today and those with negative past balances, are here to teach us.

Finally, the economics. We must close all our balances to move to our onward soul journey. Enjoy all your happy relationships, but don’t cling on to them.  Enjoy the joyful togetherness and bliss but never forget that one day everyone departs and takes-on to the onward flight to the next life or salvation.  If your relationships are teaching you lessons, do not stress. Be aware of the situation, do not create further debits and do try filling your bags with happiness. There is enough of all that we want, contained within us. Remain aware always, once you’ve cleared the debits and learnt your lessons, the pre-ordained will transpire.

All we need is to fill our bags with happiness. My most fulfilling relationship, being with myself…

Peace to all

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