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Stages of realising unending Joy..

How often we all wonder if there is a way for us to live like a child. Children are so carefree, so very joyful and absolutely in the moment. They are so undivided towards their emotions and reality. There are times they cry but their pain is so well understood and clear that once attended to, it turns to smiles and they get joyful. Everyone so wishes to live like them that most of us are willing to trade all that we have acquired and built over years in life for our childhood.

What is it that looks so promising to us that we are willing to let go of all, in return? If we had it when we were younger (as a child), why & where did we lose it? How could we hold and understand it so well when our wisdom wasn’t as accumulated as today? Surprisingly, we see ourself much wiser that yesteryears but the loss (of that never-ending joy) seem far more than the wisdom gained.

Let’s get inwards to find the answer to all the questions above. Let get back to the child inside us. Let’s uncover.

The first layer that would go off to reach to that happy child inside would be ‘denial’. We are in a constant state of denial. We do not accept situations around us, as they are. We spend loads and lots of our energies in denying and making an image from reality that we believe will make us happy. To most of us, a happy reflection is better than an unhappy reality. Sadly, we don’t realise that a reflection has no identity of it’s own, hence can’t be worked upon but the reality is for real and can be changed. What is real and that can be changed to stay with us, reaping sweet dividends is often traded for a mirage/ shadow.

The second layer to go off would be ‘duality and conditioning’. We fail to identify the reasons of stress and lack in our life. While the task isn’t that challenging but the rules are dated and we refuse to identify ourself with the newer set. We are so conditioned and stuck between the dualities in life that we completely fail to identify the reason for our pain.

Layer three to uncover, lack of knowledge and awareness. While a child may or may not have the knowledge of the reason causing pain, the awareness exists. The child if doesn’t know, would cry and go to her mother or father. Between the parents and the child, the knowledge of the reason causing the pain is known. And what is known is implemented to cure. Problem with us being, we don’t attempt to gather the knowledge either from within or from a guide, teacher or Guru. Further, once the reason is identified, it is not implemented. Hence the struggle continues.

The fourth and final layer to go, ‘greed and fear’ that keeps us away from realising and experiencing joy. A child’s memory span to both greed and fear is very short. Having her demands met, the child doesn’t entangle herself with the fear of losing again or greed of getting more. She gets into the moment and experiences the Joy.

These being the four layers wrapping the child within us, if we really want to get back to the happiness we felt as a child, we must walk through these ‘Stages of realising unending Joy’

1. Acceptance of Pain, 2. Identifying the reason of Pain, 3. Gathering the knowledge and implement it to dissolve reasons of Pain 4. Once aware, experience the Joy

Peace to all 🙂

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