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The Guaranteed Success Mantra

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

100 % Happiness guaranteed during this lock-down  If you are bored, spaced-out, stressed during home quarantine and itching to break the monotony, try this tested remedy. It has delivered 100% success rate worldwide and #nowyouknowit  Here is the simple 3-steps secret to Joy: 1. Get some extra ration and fruits when you buy for your household, 2. Make a few packets with some dry ration like rice, flour, dal and some bananas/fruits plus a bottle of water, 3. Hand over the food packet to anyone you see (who may need food) from your balcony or when someone steps out to get home essentials/groceries There are many out there on streets who may have nothing, having lost their livelihood in the wake of global lock down. We are fortunate to have safe homes with abundant resources to last, but everyone isn’t. Let’s do our share, bit by bit and help, please.

Spread this joy & message  And yes, please take adequate care wearing hand-gloves (available at chemist) & masks, sanitizers and washing hands. #foodforall #responsiblysafe

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