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The most twisted equation of life…

Dictionary meaning of ‘Equation‘: A statement that ‘the values of two expressions are equal‘. Isn’t it ironical that we all want peace, joy, abundance, order & fineness from everything around us in our life but we, ourself seldom endeavor to give it back or at least reflect upon and evaluate whether we are giving all the goodness back in return, that we expect to get in the first place.

We all are surrounded by situations that demand and expect us to be a particular way. We see loads and lots of mess and clutter around us and nothing seems to be in order. It is highly probable that most of us will live through this span of life battling, abusing and whining. Time is said to heal everything, in this case, it may heal the present situations but the seeds of the abuse today will certainly bear fruits of the same mess and clutter tomorrow. Until we fix the ‘twisted Equation’, nothing ‘that is’ today will change into something that is better tomorrow.

We must understand the Equation of life and take lessons from nature. A pot of boiling water, when left to itself would come to the surrounding temperature. While it would freeze in Antartica, the same would settle at 49degC in California. It’s unfair to expect the poor liquid to freeze up in Californian heat or to stay warm in Antartica. Nature never twists the equation and invariably balances.

If we really want to sort and clear all the mess in our life, it is imperative that we mend the twisted equations that we are continuously enacting. I can’t expect Apples if I am paying the price for peanuts. Nothing is right or wrong. It’s all a matter of perspective and a point of view. Let’s get the equation right. Never push yourself too far. Work on every difficult situation in your life. Give your best intent and effort to resolve and despite all, if you are unable to fix it, let it be. Nature will take care of it. Don’t punish yourself. Take the lesson and let be.

By scaring others, you don’t become fearless; by exploiting others, you won’t achieve the desired; by pushing it too far, you won’t reach the destination; by suffering incessantly, you won’t reach to salvation. To become fearless, realize your inner being and strength. To achieve the desired, focus all your energies without duality and doubt. To reach a stage of liberation from pain and suffering, wake-up to the truth and live in the present moment.

Get the equations right to clear the mess. Put truth on one side and life situations on the other. The situations are a result of the truth that is on the other side of the equation. If you don’t like any of the situations, examine the truth on the other side. You will have many questions answered. If you don’t like many unsettling and disturbing equations in your life, make time to evaluate this equation: Truth = Situation

If you are unhappy with any situation, you only have the following 2 options to consider and get happy-

  1. Change the truth (if you can), the situation will change. The equation will look good.

  2. If you can’t change the truth, let the situation change correspondingly (it will, by the forces of nature) and accept it. The equation will look good.

You cannot change the situation by keeping the Truth unchanged. Passage of time may heal this imbalance but will lead to many more imbalances cropping and stemming out from this present imbalanced equation.   

When in mess, if you neither work towards changing the truth (if you can) nor you accept the situation (because you can’t change the truth), you will suffer in pain till the equation balances.

Peace to all 🙂

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