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What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret

‘What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret’, if we literally understand this phrase, we will never ever worry again in life. Has this thought ever occurred to you that two individuals, despite having exactly the same life pattern and history, have different life directions? This being the case mostly, one thing is clear- we have no control over our lives. The only one bit in life that we have control over is our actions, the outcome is beyond. I’m sure, this explains the thought we questioned above.

Well taking this further, has another thought ever occurred to you that why do you suffer a lot many times when you have never done any wrong to anyone..? If I have control over my actions and I have done no wrong, what gets me back bad experiences? It’s the simple rule of ‘Karma’ that does.

Our actions are not only what we DO, but they are also what we THINK and what we SAY. Hence, actions include our conduct towards others, our thoughts towards others and the words we say to others. Now hopefully this answers the second question. If you are getting tough experiences from life, watch the thoughts, the actions and the words that you have been sending out to the world around you. Digging deep inside yourself to watch your thought and words will certainly give you the answers but at the same time might fill you with guilt and regrets. Don’t feed these two emotions, they’ll rob you of your ‘present’. Instead, take a lesson, and move on.

One simple rule to live light and happy- watch your thoughts, words and actions, for they become your destiny. What we did yesterday is our destiny today, and what we do today is our destiny tomorrow…

For a nicer, brighter & happier tomorrow, just go easy today and do good. Joyful destiny, GUARANTEED.

Peace for all

#destiny #dontworrybehappy #karma

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